Select a transporter

Choose the pickup and return time in the input field. A map will appear showing all available transporters during that time. If you want to reserve a transporter, you can register.


Register & reserve

Registration is easy and takes only a few minutes. For registration, you need a valid driver's license (category B), a Swiss residential address, and a credit, debit or prepaid card. After registration, you can download the QuickRent App and reserve the desired transporter online or through the App. When making a reservation, the estimated rental price and deposit amount of CHF 100.- will be reserved on your registered card. The actual rental costs will be automatically calculated and deducted from the reserved amount after the rental ends.


Damage check

Before getting in, walk around the transporter and perform a damage check. If you discover new damage that is not marked with a sticker, you can upload a photo of the damage in the QuickRent App or send us the photo via WhatsApp or email with a short message, the license plate number, and your name. Also, report any interior damage after opening the transporter. This way, you are 100% covered and make it easier for us to determine the cause of the damage.


Open the transporter

Open your transporter with the QuickRent App. The vehicle key is located in the badge box, either in the glove compartment or directly next to the ignition switch. You can use the key to lock, unlock and start the transporter during the rental.


Drive worry-free

Our modern transporters and the fully comprehensive insurance included in the price, give you a worry-free journey. With the additional insurance from Baloise, you can also reduce your deductible to zero. Should a problem arise, we are available around the clock by telephone via our emergency number. If the problem is non-urgent, you can send us an e-mail.


End the rental

Before you end your rental, you must park the transporter in its marked parking space at its original location with a full tank of gas and in clean condition. Put the badge with the vehicle key back in the badge box. Follow the instructions in the QuickRent App and end the rental by locking the vehicle with the QuickRent App.